Sonflora Family – a volunteer’s experience

January 2014

The house of Sonflora is overlooking the Pacific, if one listens very hard will hear its roaring. In this house I had the family of fifty brothers and sisters at one time… Well, it was possible for these few months of Nicaraguan hot winter. 1538827_10151757253955964_236455945_n Beautiful kids come here every morning, and beautiful “volontarios” commute every morning from Leon, then study, cook and play with them. It was one of the most interesting families I have ever had.  I touched the essence of happiness, looking at kids playing in the swimming pool. I will never forget these huge smiles, and surely they will cheer me up when I will get tangled with my thoughts and emotions. Pure happiness. 1381725_10151582056935964_89329006_n I have also seen little wars between little girls and observed how they fight for their rights. They can become very powerful women with the help of Sonflora family. I have listened to the conversations and jokes of the clever boys and was wondering which way will they choose when they graduate and what will be possible for them. I was happy to be surprised by whatever was needed every day. Following kid’s fantasy and ideas of other “volontarios” was real fun and good lesson.  All this was also possible with those members of the family who stay abroad and support, with whom the kids really need contact.  I would love to write about each person, but I think I would end up with a book. However I think this is the way Mary will end up. I still live in Las Peñitas and on the bus keep seeing the kids with their mums and dads or alone. I like to see them pensive, sleeping in the loving arms, sticking their heads out of the window. I still receive these amazing smiles . They remember and I remember what we all shared. 1176301_10151516191740964_1572399001_n

(Marianna from Poland has been working for 4 months at Sonflora.)

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